Suspension Services

  • ​Fork Rebuild - disassemble, clean & replace worn or damaged parts, change oil and reassemble.
  • ​Shock Rebuild - disassemble,  clean & replace worn or damaged parts, change oil and reassemble.
  • ​Suspension Set Up - Basic & Advanced

 Shop Services

  • ​​Race and Track Day Bike Prep
  • ​Suspension and Chassis Set Up
  • Dyno Tuning
  • ​Fuel Injection and Ignition Mapping
  • ​Engine Rebuilding
  • ​Supermotard Conversion
  • ​Motorcycle & Trailer Storage
  • Parts & Accessories

Engine Service

Markbilt Racing Pro Supersport Engine Build​  

  * R & R Engine,  Blueprint, Radius Valve Job, Deck Head & Cylinder, Degree Cam, Replace Rod & Main Bearings, Dyno Tune.                                                     ​                                                                                                                                                   

Markbilt Racing Pro Superbike Engine Build

 * ​R & R Engine, Blueprint,  Markbilt Cylinder Head, CAMS, Piston, Rods & Main Bearings, Dyno Tune.


Bike Preparation Services

  • Baseline Dyno Run / Final Dyno Tune
  • Complete Bike Disassembly
  • Grease, Inspect, and re-torque all Bearings, Pivots, Links ect.
  • Remove all unnecessary Brackets
  • Remove all unnecessary Electrical Components;  ignition switch, left side switch, ect.
  • ​Modify Under Tail / Battery Tray
  • Re-Route Wiring Harness
  • Replace Rear Shock & Rebuild Front Forks
  • Modify Bolts & Hangers for Easy Service
  • Install Supersport / Superstock Engine
  • Drill & Safety Wire all Bolts ;  Track Day or Race
  • ​Hang Aftermarket Bodywork
  • Install Aftermarket Electrical Components;  PowerCommander, Bazzaz Quick Shift, ect.
  • Install Accessory Brackets; rearsets, clip-ons, upper cowl brace, ect.
  • Install Steel Braided Brake Lines, Race Brake Fluid, Race Pads
  • Flush Coolant System and Replace with Legal Coolant